Wisconsin Deer Park

by Scott Schulte

Wisconsin Deer Park opens this Saturday

If you are looking for something to do as we progress out of our gloomy winter and into our chilly Spring, sometimes it can be difficult to find things to do outside when you are vacationing in the Dells.

Good News!

This weekend is supposed to be warmer and the Wisconsin Deer Park opens on the strip.  The price of admission will be $12 for Adults and children 3-11 will cost just $8.  I think that is a pretty good deal for some family fun.

I have been to the deer park a number of times.  I like how when you buy food as you walk through how some will come right up to you and get it.  So if you are bringing little ones make sure they protect their “treasure”. Otherwise have your camera ready to watch those critters take it away!

Things you can probably expect

The few times I have went I have seen a number of baby deer, however its also pretty cool to see albino deer.  They also have a few other exotic animals such as Lemurs.  So get out there this weekend and do not forget your camera!