What to do in the Dells post 1


By Scott Schulte

Hello Everyone.

Today I wanted to move into the second phase of the website, “What to do in the dells”.   I want to first thank everyone who has liked us over on our Facebook fan page. We are pushing the 500 like mark in just 1 week.   If you have not liked us  yet on Facebook you can do so by clicking like on the box in the right column on our website.

I wanted to take a few moments to talk to you about the direction I want to take the site.  I want it to be a site for people looking to Vacation in Wisconsin Dells.  Not a  place where you can book your trip I just want to show people all there is to offer at the Dells.

A little bit about myself.  I live in Wisconsin here, used to live in IL, MN and now WI.  I love traveling, I love tourist activities.  That is why I love the Dells.  When I lived in MN, I loved to go to Mall of America.  Now that I am in Wisconsin, ( I have been here 14 years) and I love going to the Dells.  I have two boys and they are getting to an age where they really enjoy going to the dells too.

The Problem

Everything is too hard find.  Things are going on weekly in the Dells and people just don’t know how to get the information or the information is just to spread out.  I want to build a better website.  I want people to be able to find the things that make vacationing in the Dells, year round fun.  That is what this is going to be about.  This is about you, this is about me.  I want to show you all the really cool things you can do in the dells.


There are a few different kinds of people who come to Wisconsin Dells,  Most people think its all about family.  According to the Wisconsin Dells Tourism website 25% of visitors who come to the Dells do not come with kids.  You can break that down even further to people coming for fun ( I want to call it the over 21 crowd but I believe there are many 18-21 year olds too.) Then there are also couples who come who do not have kids or do not come with their kids.
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What is there to do in Wisconsin Dells in the Winter? A lot!  I was just there for the New Year and my boys were saying that they wanted to do this, and that, and we just didnt have time to do it all in the three days.

There will be days when I get a hotel and spend the weekend in the Dells with them, but I also live close enough where we can take advantage of the day passes that some places give out.

What you can expect from the blog

My intentions are to do Two posts a week.  One that talks about ideas for your family vacation for this week and going forward.  The other will be for the people who come to the dells without there children.

I see it going something like this.  You are planning a trip to the Dells you can come here to see all the great things that the Dells has to offer.  However if you are already in the Dells, and you are tired of doing what you have been doing for the day you can come here to find what you are looking for.

I am going to be straight with you.  There is something else coming.  Lets call it the third phase.  I am not sure exactly when I am going to implement it.  At the latest it will be in the Spring when everything is at full capacity but I may try and start it sooner.

Like I said earlier, this site is about you, the person visiting the Dells.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see from the site please leave it below in the comment box.  Thank you.

One last thing.  I’m not done building the site.  I will continue to add stuff. Daily.  Have a great Monday and stay warm.


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