What to do in the dells beginning January 13, 2014

By Scott Schulte


This is my first true blog post of things you can do in Wisconsin Dells in the Winter for the week starting January 13, 2014

Wowza! we just got out of a crazy cold spell of -20’s and wind chills that were in the -50 range.  Now we are starting out this week with another round of snow and sleet, the joys of living in Wisconsin! Who wants to be outside?  A better question would be, who would rather be playing, and having family fun inside?  (and all their hands go up)


In this issue I wanted to save you the trouble of searching the web, frantically looking for the best deal online, before your kids drive you crazy. They need some fun!  So lets take a look at what you can do, not this weekend it kinda to late for that, but for the following week starting January 13th.  If you are already in the dells, check out our calendar of events tab for the stuff going on this week in the Dells.  That page is updated weekly so please continue to check it out

The Major Resorts

Let me first say that these prices are not guaranteed.  I just researched them today and as of right now they are accurate.  Prices can change at any notice.

They all do something a little different it seems to get you a little excited about what they have to offer.  So it all depends on what you are looking for.  Lets take a look at them by price and then we will give you some advantages as well.  All these searches were for 2 Adults, 2 Children, staying next weekend from January 17th -19th.

 Mt Olympus

Mt Olympus came in the cheapest at $152.49 a night.  My concern going forward with anything that I do with Mt Olympus is making sure that if I am paying that rate I am staying in the Main Hotel.  This is something I will definitely be checking out as we get closer to spring.

If you do not know what I am talking about, Mt Olympus has bought a lot of the motels on the strip. From what I read online last summer, was that people were getting charged the same price, weather they were in the resort hotel, Hotel Rome, or if they were staying at some 100 year old motel that Mt Olympus has bought out. click here

Chula Vista

Chula Vista comes in at $179 a night.  Then they try and upgrade you like any resort around the world would do. So what I am saying is they also have options for you to have an all inclusive vacation with all meals and drinks figured in.  The all inclusive package is for $429 a night but keep in mind this is all you can eat all you can drink for a family of 4.  I dont think that is too bad of a price if you want to hang out at the resort all weekend.  If its -25 outside this looks very attractive to me.   That is not the only package they have a number of different options.  click here

The Wilderness

The Wilderness comes in 3rd not by much at $182 a night.  What makes the Wilderness different? Did you know when it is open in the Summer it is the Largest Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark in the U.S.? It is located on 600 acres! Did you also know that they have an area in the winter where you can swim outside?  Ok that is definitely unique, they also have the Wild Water Dome where they claim you can tan year round!


They also tease you with coming in 2014 (these may not be available yet)

Indoor go-cart track

Swim up bar

2 story lazer tag Arena

click here

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wold Lodge comes in next at $209 a night.  They do not say $209 a night though they say, $169 for Friday night and $249 on Saturday night so if you want to just stay one night shoot for Friday night.  They are also running a weekday rate of $97 bucks a night so if you have little ones not yet in school this may be your best value.

Great Wolf also prides itself on being exclusive.  They do not sell day passes for their resort.  So if crowding is an issue with you, Great Wolf would also be your best choice. It also says when booking use the promo code: Winter click here


Kalahari comes in at $289 a night.

So what does the family get at Kalahari? The second largest indoor waterpark in the country second only to Sandusky Kalahari.

Fun stuff for the kids

cookie decorating every day in the month of January.  There are a number of African themed arts and crafts you can do such as zoo door hangers and African Mask Making.  Some are for an additional charge so check out their site first.

They also have special package add on’s like breakfast.  They also have spa packages and skiing at cascade mountain and even have a shopping package to Tanger Outlet Shopping Center. For more info Click here


On January 17th Live Music Madison Malone at Springbrook Sports Bar & Grill

On January 17th once the kids are tired of the water park activities head on over to Knuckleheads in the Tanger Shopping Center for Bowling. Choose cosmic (lights out) or Standard (lights on) bowling. Fun for both adults and Children.

On January 18th take the short trip to Baraboo for Wild Winter Afternoon at Devil’s Lake State Park. Take a self-guided snowshoe or hike through the beautiful, winter scenery of Devil’s Lake State Park. Warm up and make hot dogs and s’mores by the campfire! Meet at the Rock Elm Shelter on the Park’s North shore. Devil’s Lake State Park. Event starts at 1:00PM and ends at 5:00PM. For more information call (608) 356-8301.

On January 18th 1st Annual Parks and Rec Winter Festival. Come to a fun-filled festival including a broom ball tournament, show shoeing lessons, snow man building competition, sledding, hot chocolate and much more! Upham Woods Learning Center is the main sponsor for this event. Bowman Park, Broadway. Event starts at 1:00PM and ends at 5:00PM.

If you are a true Adventure seeker in the winter time check out Big Foot zip line or Vertical Illusions zip lining in the winter time.  Traveling a line at nearly 40 miles an hour  over Trees and canyons, and best of all open year round.

Have you ever zip lined in the Winter or know of anyone who would be interested in the information I provided please leave a comment or share on the social plat forms.  Thanks!

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