The Original Wisconsin Ducks

By Scott Schulte

The Original Wisconsin Ducks is part of our What to do in the Dells in the Spring series.

It is spring in the Dells and the ducks are out!

If you are looking for a unique experience and have never taken a ride on a Wisconsin Duck before you better not miss this opportunity.  The Original Wisconsin Ducks are located on the strip in the heart of The Dells.  Almost right across the street from the big trojan horse.

The tour is half water half land. I have to be honest with you I have never went on the Ducks in the early spring like this.  I just want to be straight forward with you, if you do plan on going now  you do have the chance of getting wet.  So I bet the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton water is still pretty cool right now so if you do not want to get wet, I would stay on the seats in the middle of the duck.  Still go.  It is a cool adventure through the woods.  You sometimes see wildlife and the drivers take you on thrill ride over some of the hills out there.

Though I have not done it yet in the early spring, like right now.  I still would.  Have some adventure and fun along the way.

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