Here is the list of businesses

Having Thanksgiving Dinners 

Kalahari Waterpark Resort

They are going to be having Thanksgiving from 11 AM – 6 PM

Adults $29.99

Children 4-12 $11.99

Children 3-under FREE

Please Reserve (608) 254-3217

Checkout their menu here

The Wilderness at Wild Canyon Cafe

Breakfast Buffet from 7-10 AM

All you can eat dinner buffet is from Noon- 8PM

Breakfast Buffet

13-Adults $14.49

Kids 7-12 are $7.99

Kids 3-6 are $5.99

Kids under 2 Free

Dinner Buffet

13-adult $24.99

Kids 4-12 $11.99

Kids under 3 Free

Please Reserve (I wanted to eat here last year but did not make a reservation, had to eat somewhere else)

Phone  800-867-9453 Ext 4241

You can get their menu here

We will add more as we get them