Sarento’s Italian Restaurant Review

By Scott Schulte

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.  I hope you are having a great safe weekend.  Although it has been spotted with rain, Sunday was a very nice day to get out and enjoy what the Dells has to offer.

I visited Sarento’s after 7:00 PM on Sunday Night.  I was met at the door by a number of helpful staffers at the hostess table.  The young hostess lady who escorted me to the table was very nice and thorough making sure I noticed the steps as I was walking around the bar and again when I was entering the back room where I dined.

The lights were low and my table was furnished with a plate for my bread sticks and silver wrapped in a cloth napkin.  The table was furnished with salt & pepper,Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and a candle.  This would be a great place to take your date out to eat.  It had a very romantic feel to it.

Once I sat down, I was served by a committee of wait staff that took care of my every whim.  What I mean is, it appear to me that perhaps the restaurant was divided into rooms and my room had about 10 tables and the 3 staff members were assigned to take care of the people at those 10 tables.  I had one girl take care of my drinks, while another brought me out a basket of fresh garlic bread.  While the waiter asked me what I would like for a drink.

I ordered the Lasagna for my main entree:

Before my entree my meal came with a salad of my choice.  I have to say that the salad was a very good salad, and before I had time to finish it, the entree was already at my table.

Sarento's Italian Restaurant






The waitress asked if she could take my salad, and I asked her if I could have a few minutes to finish it.

Once finished.  They were right there to take plate and refill my drink. The picture above is my lasagna.  The lasagna was very good and cheesy.  I love a good lasagna, and this one did not disappoint.  The meat was an Italian sausage which gave the lasagna great flavor.

I only got to eat about half of the lasagna it was very filling to me.  So the waiter asked if I would like a to go box and I told him I did.  Then the waitress grabbed my plate and took it and boxed it for me, and brought it back to the table.

In closing, The service was amazing!  I always felt like I was being taken care of.  I really think the staff would have done anything to make my dinner an enjoyable one.

The lasagna was amazing, as were the fresh bread sticks.  So if you are in the Dells and looking for a great Italian place, make sure to check out Sarento’s just around the corner from the Wilderness resort.