Original Wisconsin Ducks

The Original Wisconsin Ducks is rated  #3 on Trip Advisors guided Tours in Wisconsin Dells and is always a family favorite when touring the Dells.  So we decided to take a ride on the Ducks yesterday.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in the Dells and we bought our tickets and walked around the building as instructed.  When you first enter the Duck “staging area”  a photographer takes a picture of your group and you proceed to the line.

We had a short wait in line, we could of really made it on the first trip if my younger son would have wanted to sit up front with the driver.  He chose not to, so we waited for the next duck.


The corny jokes and story along the tour, in my opinion makes it fun and my kids seemed to enjoy it along the way.

When entering the Wisconsin River we were told we were going into the Pacific Ocean which got a chuckle from almost everyone.  She also went easy on us going into the river.  No big splash.  The scenery that surrounds the river is amazing.

The ducks mainly built around 1950 are an ideal instrument to be able to show off what makes this part of Wisconsin beautiful.  You get to see the beautiful sandstone formations, drive in creek beds, that  you could not get down in a boat, and see small streams open into the Wisconsin River.

Then there is the BIG splash into Lake Delton.  Let’s be honest that is why most people who have been on a duck go back on a duck tour.  Also why they like to bring people who have never been on a duck.  Here, friend, just sit in this seat in front of us.

We really enjoyed our day on the Duck.

The price of a duck ride was $25 for adults and children over 12 years old. Children under 12 are $13.  There are coupon books out there where you can get discounts if you want them.  The company itself will discount if you take more than one boat ride.  So if you do a Duck and Jet boat ride its only $40 for adults, but no discount on the children so two rides for children would cost $26.

I still think its a cool thing to do with you and your family and as I said before it really gives you an opportunity to see parts of the area that you can only see if you are riding a duck.  My kids say they would do it again and for me, that is all I need to hear.

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