Noah’s Ark Opens for the Season

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

open’s for the season May 23, 2015

Noah’s Ark Water Park Opens on Memorial Weekend May 23rd. The park will be closed Tue-Thurs. Then next weekend be open every day for the season.

So here is their schedule until June 1st:

May 23  10 AM-6 PM

May 24  10 AM-6 PM

May 25  10 AM-6 PM

May 26  CLOSED

May 27  CLOSED

May 28  CLOSED

May 29 Open Every Day for the Season

Something you should know:  Noah’s Ark wants you to buy your tickets online.  If you buy your tickets online you will pay $32.99 for a day pass.  If you buy at the gate its $38.99.  However, if you are planning on going 2-3 times or more go with the season pass that is only $49.99.

Which means if you go 3 times and buy online you will pay roughly $100. Where if you buy the season pass online and go at least 3 times you are paying half that price $49.99… So, our suggestion is buy the season pass online.

To buy your tickets online go here: