Monks Bar & Grill-Downtown

Monk’s Bar & Grill Downtown Wisconsin Dells

Today was the last day to head down to Monk’s Bar & Grill to support the Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton Rec. Dept. that is trying to purchase a batting cage.

Monks was doing a fundraiser over the last few weeks where they would take a dollar from every burger sold from its downtown location and give that to the rec department for the purchase of the batting cage.  I think that it was a great cause so I really wanted to go and support it.  I think it is important to support our young kids in activities like these.

I can’t wait to hear the final numbers for another reason, and that is just to see how many burgers they sold during that time frame.  No matter what the outcome is, I just want to say that I think this is a great company for doing this.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of this place is crazy awesome.  I wish I would of snapped a few more pictures.  If you love the Badgers this is the place for you.  Its like a Badger shrine, but don’t take me the wrong way. Its not overdone at all.  It is one of the coolest bars I have ever been to and this is coming from a guy who grew up in IL.

There are bar stools at the bar that are red with white “W” printed on them and then at the tables they have bar stools that are black with the “W” on them.  The floor is a hardwood floor like an old basketball floor. The floor has Badger prints on it.  Check out my pics above.  Just over all a really cool atmosphere.

I want to say its like you could pick this place up and set it down in Madison and the college kids would love it.  Down to the waiters.  I would love to go in there for a Badger football or basketball game.  I bet it is really cool. (Just as a side reference I did go to the Badgers Final Four game at Monk’s at the Wilderness. Also a great place to see a Badger game)

The Food

I didn’t do a whole lot of planning on this one, it was kind of spur of the moment so I tried to ask for some suggestions and I did get two suggestions.  I know she is going to read this too and so I want to apologize for not taking you up on either.  Next time I will.

I went with the Monk’s Monster burger which was a half pound bacon cheese burger, and the meal comes with fries and Monk’s signature pickles.  That is what that side of pickles is in my picture above.

The fries are seasoned and they were very good cooked perfectly,crisp and had good flavor and texture.  I really liked them.  I almost asked if I could substitute their cheesy fries… next time.

The burger was awesome.  A thick Monk’s burger, like almost a half inch thick it looked like, and they ask you how you want it cooked, just like when you order steak.  So he asked if I wanted it cooked medium, and I said that sounded great and it came out Medium.  So it was pink inside.  So you people out there who like it cooked all they way through will have to ask for it.  Mine was cooked perfectly the way that I wanted it and it made it oh so juicy.  They just serve it on a piece of parchment or wax paper and there was a lot of juice, left on the paper.  I dont mean grease, think steak, the juice you get when you cut into a medium steak.  The burger was awesome.

Next time. I would love to try the black and bleu burger, which is a black Angus burger bacon cheese burger with bleu cheese crumbles on it.  I am not a big fan of bleu cheese but it is also cajun seasoned and I just love the sound of what that burger could be. I have love for burgers, can you tell?

Another option and this is just me because I am not afraid to try something different I would love to try their turkey burger. And their original Monks burger,

The Service

The bar from what I saw was being served by 3 servers. Two guys on the floor and one guy behind the bar. It looked like they did a really great job while I was there.  My server checked back a number of times, making sure that I was set, and having a good experience.

If I had to say one thing about the service it would be this:  I saw after I ordered on their special board a burger I did not see on the menu.  I think it was a Mexican burger, that sounded interesting enough to try.  I wish perhaps the waiter would of went over the specials before letting me order.

But I still think he provided me with above average service during my meal.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, I have been to a number of places now to eat, Most in the downtown area.  So if you are looking for a place to eat, heading in that direction maybe the way to go.

I do also want to inform the people who do not know.  The difference between Monks-downtown and Monks@The Wilderness is that at The Wilderness they have a full menu including a dessert menu.  Both are sports bars but with two different atmospheres.  I love the downtown Monk’s, and at The Wilderness it is just more modern.  So it gives you a more modern Sports bar experience.

I will throw in a shameless plug for the folks at Monks and say at least right now Wednesday nights, Kids eat for 99 cents.  I did see a disclaimer that said one 99 cent meal for each paying adult.  So its a 1 for 1 deal.  Family of four, Kids eat for 2 bucks.  Cant beat that!


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