We bought 7 of the 12

We went big and bought 7 out of the 12 MACS dishes. Why only 7 you may ask? Because we wanted an excuse to go back!

By Scott Schulte & Matt Nowak

I have never been to MACS before but SIRI on my phone said it was the best, said it was the best, and said it was the best.  So if everyone is saying its the best I thought I better check it out and this time I brought some other mouths to help me decide if this was really the best place in town.  I brought my two sons and I brought a friend of mine Matt Nowak.

When we got there we were welcomed right away by a friendly young woman behind the counter.  Like I said above, we had never been here before so we were not sure if we seated ourselves or what.

What you do is just walk up to the counter and you just tell them what number you want. Then you pick if you want a “regular size” or a “Mac Daddy”.  I had a follower/fan from my Facebook page, Bethany C. suggest we go here as well and she suggested that I try the Chipotle Mac.  Thank you Bethany for the suggestions!

Here is how I would rank the 7.  #1 being the best.

#7 The Original Mac

It has to go to #7 because I did not try it.  My 8 year old picked that one and really did not want to share it with me so I would say he thought it was a good pick but I have to put it at 7 by default.  Sorry all you fans of “The Original”

#6 The Taco Mac

The Taco Mac was a good dish, I would eat it if someone put it in front of me,  the guac. was excellent, but for me on a flavor test alone the top 5 here are out of The Taco Mac’s league.

#5 The Cheeseburger Mac

The only reason that this is at #5 is my 11 year old son would only let me take one bite.  This is not at all what I thought it would be it was a full hamburger on top of a bed of Mac & Cheese, With a slice of cheese melted on top of the hamburger served with a sliced dill pickle.  I will tell you right now that this could move up a few places if I got to taste the whole dish.  What I tasted was a burger with some serious flavor and that would get me to order it again, just off one bite.

#4 The Loaded Baked Potato

The loaded baked potato was an excellent dish as well.  Who doesn’t like a loaded baked potato served with all the fixens. Bacon, and sour cream and cheese, lots and lots of cheese.  The Loaded Baked Potato only comes in  the Mac Daddy size. It makes for a hearty meal for anyone who has a big appetite.

#3 The Memphis Mac

Let me say, these last 3 were hard to choose.  I really think when you go in to order just order all 3.  You will not be disappointed.  The Memphis Mac is pulled pork on top of a bed of Mac & Cheese with BBQ sauce on top of the pulled pork.  This dish packed some serious flavor. I give it the full five star treatment!

#2 The Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac

The two chicken dishes are seriously ridiculous in the flavor department.  When we talked about it at the table Matt said he wasn’t sure if he could choose the best and between the two chicken dishes it was very hard for me to choose.  The girl at the counter taking our order said this is the fan favorite and I think it really is a good dish of cut chicken breast, covered with ranch and sprinkled with bacon I can see why this dish is a hit.

#1 The Chipotle Chicken Mac

This is seriously one of the craziest dishes of Mac& Cheese I have ever had.  It was outstanding.  I will tell you I am a huge fan of Chipotle anything so I knew that I would like it.  Let me say to all the spice haters out there, and I think my friend Matt is one of those guys, chipotle does not mean hot or super spicy.  It means flavor and that is what this dish was.  Matt is a believer after having this dish too.  It may not be the one he chooses but I think if it was put in front of him again, he would eat it again.

In closing my portion I really do believe this was a very good place to eat, even for every age group that visit the Dells.  Its for the casual diner, with a casual atmosphere.  There is no wait staff though the girl behind the counter taking our order checked with us a number of times to make sure we and the other people there were being taken care of.

I would recommend this place to anyone who asked where they should eat in the Dells.