House of Embers

Wine Pairing at House of Embers

Last night I went to the House of Embers wine pairing. I had never been to a wine pairing so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My first thoughts before getting started was this: I knew there was going to be 3 courses and I knew they were going to have 3 wines.  I thought perhaps one wine, went with one course.

So when I sat down I soon found out you get all 3 wines at once and then they bring out the three courses and you taste all 3 wines while having the first course, second course, and third course.  So, lets get to it!

First, let me talk about the restaurant first.  I have been to house of Embers one other time and I sat in the main dining area.  It has a beautiful stone fireplace, a great centerpiece for a romantic dinner for two.  Last night however, I was dining solo, so I sat in the lounge.

My waiter, I apologize I did not catch his name was very good to me.  Made sure I was always taken care of and over all did a really great job. I noticed that all the wait staff really did a great job of visiting, and getting to know the guests they were taking care of.  I really like when they do that.

The Wines

House of Embers Wines









Three different wines were served:

Chateau Ste Michell & DR. Loosen (2012)

Sweet Lime and Peach

I really liked this wine too. It really went well with the courses as well out of the 3 this would be my  #2 choice.

Byron (middle)(2012)

The Byron was served chilled, The description said: pear, apple, and tropical fruit.

Out of the 3 I would consider that one #3 on my personal list. It seemed to have the most bite.

Chateau St Jean (Red)(2011)

This was a red wine, served warm, also to me the sweetest of the three, and also my favorite just sipping them before the courses came.

The courses

Before I go through each one individually, I just want to say that all three of these  courses were so incredible. I really can not say enough about them, the presentation was amazing and the flavors were ridiculous – in a good way! Truly Amazing.  They are going to do one more of these in a few weeks.  Three different wines, three different  courses and if it is anything like what I tasted last night, you better be there!!

1st Course- Princess Doria Soup- Hearty French Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup - House of Embers

Let me first off say that when I am dining out I do not normally eat Minestrone soup, because its usually full of beans and it just looks to “hearty”, no juice and such,  its supposed to look like a soup!

Now look at House of Embers Minestrone soup. It looks like a soup. Let me start out by saying.  I loved the bread that came with the soup.  The texture was awesome and it was ideal for dipping into the soup.

The soup was excellent, cooked perfect.  The meat pieces worked very good with the vegetables.  It was a great start to the evening.

From the wine stand point.  I stated above that the middle wine had the most bite, however with this dish I liked sipping the middle wine with this dish the most.


2nd Course-Pecan & Coconut Grouper- With Mango Dijon Sauce, rice, and Pineapple Chutney

Grouper -  House of Embers

I love fish, and I will be the first to tell you that this was my favorite dish out of the three. The rice was cooked perfectly.  The Grouper, I loved the taste of the fish itself but the Pecan/coconut outside was very good.

I tried to get a taste of all the flavors so I would take some of the fish and dip it across the Mango Dijon sauce and then put a little of the Pineapple Chutney on there as well.  Oh my God, it was so good!  I loved the Grouper with the Mango Dijon Sauce .

I could probably eat the pineapple chutney  as a side by itself, the sweetness of the pineapple with the spice of the pepper was an incredible combination.  This dish was awesome!  I loved it.


3rd Course – Quail- Bacon wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed Quail, Cranberry Madeira Sauce

Quail House of Embers

This was the final course of the night, the quail.

I love quail, I have had it a number of times.  However, I have never had quail quite like this.

Everything about this quail was perfect.  I wanted to see what it looked like before I started eating it so I cut it right down the middle.

I think again its the combination of everything put into this dish that made the quail so good.  I really loved the Goat cheese, and don’t even get me started on bacon.  But this was not your average bacon.  It was premium, tasted amazing.



Dessert - House of Embers

This is the dessert that I had and I don’t know if you can tell or not but I had already took a bite out of it, before I took the picture. This dish was so good.  So rich, everything a dessert should be and more.

In closing, the night was perfect, great service, and exceptional food.  I would definitely come back and eat here again.




In Closing I want to thank Mike Obois for this great evening.  Your food was off the charts and you have a beautiful restaurant.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.