High Rock Cafe

by Scott Schulte

High Rock Cafe

As I walked downtown last night I was looking for a unique place to eat.  I think that when we visit new places, or are going on vacation we like to eat at place we don’t eat at when we are living our every day lives.

There are a number of great places to eat in the downtown area.  Cajun, BBQ, Chicken, Pizza.  You name it its down there and these place are well established places that have outstanding reputations.

So when I walked by High Rock Cafe and looked over their menu they had posted outside one thing caught my eye. BBQ short ribs with a rootbeer galze, served with mashed potatoes, with an egg over easy on top.

When I first read that I was think of a dry rubbed BBQ or sauce with an egg on top of it.  Thats not what it was.

Here is what I ordered

Root Beer Ribs


Here is what I ordered, though not what I had in my mind, I was still very happy with the dish. The glaze was the base. Then there was a vegetable medley in the glaze. Asparagus, peppers and zucchini perhaps. The mashed potatoes were on the veggies and the ribs surrounded the taters. Then the egg, which was cooked perfect over medium. Then a clover patch to make it look pretty. I was looking for a knife…. no need the meat just flaked with your fork… I love food but this was pretty awesome! I do not think I have ever had anything like this before.




Many people read reviews these days and I am no different.  One thing is very clear from the Facebook reviews.  Go there just for the service and atmosphere!  They have a great group of people who work there.  That is important, the little things is what gets people coming back for more.  My server her name was Kristy, ( I hope I am spelling that right ) she was AWESOME!   All my Facebook fans knew that I was going to eat here, and what I was going to eat, at about 5:30.  I did not eat for another 2 hours, Kristy did not know who I was and that I was going to be writing about my experience and her performance.

She welcomed me with a great smile and went through a special entree pared with a wine. Then I ordered ribs and a beer. She checked back from time to time to see how I liked it, but also got into small conversations about who I was, and where I was from.  I did not tell her that I write for ‘whattointhedells’ yet.  Then she asked if I would like dessert.  We had talked already about the Jalepeno Chocolate cheese cake, that was the cheese cake of the day.

However during my meal I got a Facebook message from a friend who asked, “What no bacon?” So I happen to find a dessert on their menu that had bacon in it.  It also was very good.

This is what I mean by the little things.

She could have just brought the dessert.  However, without me asking she must of assumed that I would prefer something else to drink with my dessert rather than a Coors light.  She was right.  She asked if I would like a water with my dessert and I apreciated her for bringing me one.  As my experience came to a close she asked what brought me to the Dells tonight.  I told her what I did, and she said ” I hope I did, ok”.  I think she did much better than ok.  I had the type of experience where you would like to come again.

In closing, I should also mention this.

When I came into eat there was no seating at tables.  So they offered me to sit at either the bar downstairs or upstairs. I chose upstairs.  The host was very friendly as well.  Just over all a really great experience.