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“Don’t be afraid of the dark, be afraid of what’s in it!”

The Wisconsin Dells Boat Tours is having two haunted boat tours all through the month of October.

The question is: Do you scare easy.  I know that I can handle a good haunted house during the season but put the whole event on water and that may be a whole other story.



The two tours are called:

Journey into Haunted Canyon &

Season of the Witch

Journey of the Haunted Canyon takes you on an 1.5 hour cruise into Cold Water Canyon. In this one you get out and walk.  You can encounter lumber jacks and Indians from the past who lure you into place you may never come out again…(only through September) No longer available this year

Season of the Witch take you on an 1.5 hour cruise into Witches Gultch.  So in this one, the story is of a witch who haunts the Dells… is that a cold breeze on your neck or the witch behind you?…

Which one would you find more scary?

To buy tickets you can check out their site here