Ghost Boat Tours

If you are looking for a little more spook in your October than you need to check out the Dells Ghost Boat Tours.  Throughout the year.  Dells Boat Tours run two night excursions.  In September & October they run Season of the Witch.

Season of the Witch Ghost Boat Tour.

Season of the Witch is a legend of a witch who has haunted the Dells for centuries. You will be taken on a 1 1/2 hour trip up the Wisconsin River where you will here stories of the legendary witch.  Once you reach Witches Gulch you will be disembark and that is when all the scary things happen.

In October the Boats leave at 6:30 PM.  They ask that you call a head to confirm the tour.  (608) 254-8555

Ticket Price:

$23.99 for adults and half the price for children

For more information you can visit there site here


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