Fall Cruise for a Cause 2014

Hope Car Cruise for a Cause

Chula Vista/Tanger OUtlet,

Wisconsin Dells

Fall Cruise for a Cause 2014

Cruising to Support Breast and Prostate Cancer Research

October 3-5 2014

Fall Cruise for a cause is an all weekend event in the Dells promoting breast and prostate cancer awareness.

Friday’s Events

  • Registration
  • Car tours (all filled)
  • Kitchen tour through Chula Vista’s Restaurant’s
  • Golf Tournament at Cold Water Canyon
  • Take your Ford to the Race Track at the Dells Raceway
  •  Knucklehead Bowling
  • Pink Partini Fashion Show at Tanger Outlet
  • Poker Run
  • Mini Golf at Pirates Cove

Saturday Events

  • All Ford Car Show at Tanger Outlet Center
  • Guided Cruises (still available)
  • Mini Golf at Pirates Cove
  • Dyno Pulls 2 for $75
  • Discounted Duck and Boat Tours
  • Discounted Go Carts
  • Poker Run
  • Parade and Cruise leaving from Tanger Outlet Center
  • Evening Banquet and Prizes & Awards.  With a Special Guest Speaker in The Chula Vista Resort Ball Room

Sunday Events

  • Auto Cross Event.  (Helmet must be worn)
  • Guided Mystery event
  • Duck tours
  • Mini Golf at Pirates Cove
  • Guided Cruises (all Full)
  • Dice roll & Poker run

This sounds like a weekend of fun all over Wisconsin Dells.  Something that you are not going to want to miss.  For more information and times you can click here to go to the event page.