Chi-town Pizza

Saturday we visited Chi-town Pizza, here is our review.

I want to first start our with an announcement.  Chi-town has grown out of its current location that seats about 12 and is now moving into a much larger location right on Broadway.  The new location will be at 221 Broadway.  That is right across the street from Monks-Downtown.

Saturday a friend of mine brought 3 friends of his to try out Chi-town Pizza’s Chi-normous pizza.  “Wisconsin Dells largest pizza” at 24″. To give you a frame of reference 24″ is about double the size of a Pizza Hut Large (14″). So, there was five us and we ordered, a Chi-normous meat lovers pizza & an order of bread sticks.

When the bread sticks came out they looked amazing and if you have kids, One of the sucky parts of chain stores is they are skimpy on the sauce.  These bread sticks came out with two cups of sauce.  That is a big deal for family eating, just ask my two kids.    The bread sticks were awesome, they are made fresh daily and are never frozen and you can tell.  These will be sticks like you have never had before.

When the pizza was brought out, I believe there was a few “holy ______”  that came out.  No picture, even the ones I posted here and on Facebook really give you the idea of how big this pizza is.  It is huge.  In the picture you will notice that we had them cut it into triangles, they also gave us the opportunity to have them cut into squares, We thought it would give you a better idea of how big it was if you saw how big the triangle pieces were.

The Pizza

The pizza was crazy good.  Many people say that the sauce makes or breaks a pizza.  I have to agree and this pizza was spot on with the sauce.  The meat lovers pizza has roast beef on the lower level and cubed chunks of ham, that is inviting to the person, like myself who likes to “pick” at a pizza.  The Sausage on the pizza was awesome.  All the ingredients were fresh and as you can see by the pictures the presentation and look of the pizza is perfect.

The Service

We had a waitress who made sure that we were taken care every step of the way and Tony (the owner) also checked in a number of times to make sure that we were being taken care of.  He even gave us a complimentary serving of wings.  I really can’t tell you how good they were because the guys who ate with me ate them all.  I think those actions speak louder then anything that I could write about them.

In Closing

I just want to say in closing, that I have met Tony a few times now going in to Chi-town pizza and the thing I love about this place is he is the real deal.  He is a real guy.  He is sincere, and you can see the love that he has for his business and his customers by the quality of food he turns out.  He is a hands on guy, and I personally like that.  I would recommend his place to anyone in large groups or small.  They even serve pizza by the slice so it’s a perfect place to stop in for lunch time.

For the Month of May he will be closed on Monday, so do not go see him today, but make sure you go check in and see him tomorrow.  Tell him you want to taste the best in town and tell him that Scott sent you.