Chi-town Pizza A Chi-normous promotion!

FOr the Largest pizza in the Dells

We need the Largest PROMOTION

by Scott Schulte

When I first met Tony Valpittas (the owner of Chi-town pizza w/his wife Sue) he asked me to help him promote his newest item to his menu.  The Chi-normous Pizza.  What he may not of known was that I was already watching his business for a review anyway. I had liked his page when I first started because when you look at the best place to eat in the Dells his place comes up consistently.

I love food and am a sucker for a good Pizza. Who isn’t? I am glad that Tony came to me because we are both on the same mission.  To spread the word about what is great to do in Wisconsin Dells.  Chi-town Pizza really doesn’t need help promoting itself at all. The businesses is thriving. People love the food. Yet he opened less than a year ago so we are helping get the word out further of another new hot spot.

Tony a native to Chicago had visited the Dells many times in the past and he and his wife had a dream of owning their own restaurant.  He saw a market for people looking for authentic Chicago style pizza.  I have wrote before about people looking for something unique.  On vacation people do not want to go to the same places they can go back home to. They want to go to a place that wow’s them.

I put the picture of Tony and his Chi-normous pizza up on my person Facebook wall asking any of my friends if they would like to come with me to do a review of this monster pizza.  The response was crazy.  Many wanted to go, and others back home in IL wanted to know the address so they could stop in when they visit this summer.

One friend however, Mike, I moved to action, right away, he decided he was going to check it out today.  Mike is also a friend of mine who lived here in Wisconsin and now has moved back to IL.  He told me today, “I have been to a lot of pizza places, and have spent a lot of time in the Dells.  I can tell you this Scott,  he has the best Pizza from the Dells to Rockford for sure”  Hands down the best thing he has ever tasted in the Dells.

Another thing Mike and I talked about was how sincere Tony is.  He is a regular good guy. A guy you want to do business with because he wants to just do one thing.  Make great food for great people.  I think that is awesome.

As this site continues to evolve the promotions are getting bigger, the crowds are getting bigger.  Over 250 people viewed my review of MACS from Saturday and we will be going to Chi-town Pizza Saturday but we want to extend the love for the Chi-normestest largest pizza promotion by inviting you to come to.  Now we know that Tony’s place is small, he is located on the back side of Nigs bar at 808 River Road in the Downtown area.  If you want to come have pizza with me and Tony and about 5-10 of our closest friends leave us a comment back on our Facebook wall.  Space is limited and so is the special. So who wants to come and eat the best pizza in town?