B & H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop

Family Fun Must-Do if you are visiting in the Spring!

Located at 3640 Wisconsin 13 just out side the Dells city limits this Must-do is something  you must do if you are visiting the Dells.

If you like the idea of taking your kids fishing and seeing the joy on their faces when they have a fish on the line, this is the place to go.

B&H Features two ponds in the back yard of this cozy home where you can have you or your children fish out of the small pond or the big pond.  When we say small pond and big pond we mean fish.

The Small Pond


The small pond has smaller trout and it is our experience that sometimes this pond can even be more of a challenge.  Which being a father myself does not bother me because when I go I want to be there longer then 15-20 minutes.  Usually I let my kids who are 11 & 8 fish the small pond first to get warmed up and then move to the large pond.

The Large Pond

Who doesn’t want to catch the big one?  The large pond features some big fish and I have to admit that you can not beat the look on your kids faces when they pull out one of the big ones.

The Process

You walk in to the bait shop through the front door and you get some corn to bait your hooks. You also pay the pole and bait fee. It is around $4.  Once you go outside there are bamboo fishing poles, buckets and a fishing net to use while you are fishing.

Fish either ponds, it does not matter and when you are done, you take all the fish up and they measure and clean them for you!  When they are all cleaned and packaged for you, you pay them for your day of fun.  The price is 13 cents and up for the length of the fish.

When is the best time to go?

Any time is a good time to go fishing.  We think some of the best times to go is Mother’s or Father’s Day.  What a great and unique way to spend the day with your family.

The facility also has picnic tables and a grill so you can even come prepared to eat the fish as soon as they are cleaned.  For sure one of the things you really need to do while you are here in the Dells.