Attractions – voted by you

The top 5 Wisconsin Dells Attractions voted on by you

We could tell you all the great things to do in the dells but I really do believe that we take other people's word for it.  So let's take it to a vote.  This is the first part of a series we are going to do every Tuesday called Vote The Best. Just simply click the photo below and each pic should have a thumbs up or thumbs down.  The one with the most thumbs up throughout the summer will be crowned the best in the Dells.

The Original Wisconsin Ducks

The Original Wisconsin Ducks

Once used a way to transport supplies from land and sea to our soldiers during WWII now The Original Wisconsin Ducks are used to transport people through the beautiful scenery of the Wisconsin Dells.

Tommy Bartlett Water show

Tommy Bartlett Water Show

Summer 2014 marks the 62nd Season of Tommy Bartlets water show.  Each 90 minute show is jam packed with family fun. Including: extreme water ski, comedy, and boat stunt maneuvers. Its site says its one of the best but you can decide this year if its a tourists best vote today. 

Wisconsin Deere Park

Wisconsin Deer Park

One of our highest rated posts to date was announcing the opening of the Wisconsin Deer Park in the Wisconsin Dells.  The Wisconsin Deer park is 100 deer of all ages on 38 acres of land where you and the family can walk through the facility and feed the deer.  A really cool experience especially for kids, but is it the best? vote today

Wizard Quest

Wizard Quest

Wizard Quest is located downtown Wisconsin Dells and is a 13,000 fantasy interactive game for the whole family.  Your quest is to release imprisoned Wizards, but you first have to collect glimmers.  It also states on it site that it is one of the Dells Best Attractions but is it #1?  You decide vote today.

Wisconsin Dells Upper Boat Tours

Upper Dells Boat Tour

As their site says Upper boat tours is more than just a trip though the beautiful scenery of the Wisconsin Dells area.It is a chance to take a sunset dinner boat cruise, a ghost boat tour, or the lost boat voyage.  All sound like a whole lot of fun, but is it the best? Your vote could make the difference.